Tuesdays at the Phoenix Landing with resident DJs Flack, Verbnine, and C


DJ C and DJ Flack can now be found every Monday at Beat Research.

Spectrum is over, but you can re-live the final night through the images and videos below. We'd like to thank all our fans who rocked with us every week.

Above are 3 Quicktime videos from the final Spectrum. From left to right: DJ rndm, Pace, and a shot of the crowd dancing at the end of the night. If you need the latest Quicktime player click here.

Click here for an album of images from the final Spectrum.

A letter to our fans

Over 2.5 years (June 01 - January 04) Spectrum provided one of the Boston area’s only venues for eclectic dance music. We booked at least one guest performer, just about every week, breaking many new, local talents into the scene. We also played host to a large number of live/electronic performers, and DJs from all around the world, including artists like: Twiglight Circus Dub Sound System (Netherlands), Hrvatski, DJ /rupture (Spain), Zod Records crew (Milwaukee), Broklyn Beats crew (New York City), and over 50 other DJs and performers. The Phoenix Landing, except free drinks, never paid us anything. In return this kept the event free for the public.

We showed up and played every Tuesday because we love the music, and we love the fans of the night who love the music too. We always had a great crowd of friendly people and we will miss that. We would like to thank the Phoenix Landing for providing us with a space in which to do our thing, and for putting up with us when we strayed from the standard club DJ format in order to provide folks with high quality, and incredibly diverse styles of music.

Most of all we want to thank all of our fans. We had an ever-shifting core group of regulars who would be with us every week. To all of you who came and danced your faces off; to all of you who came and just listened the music; to all of you who came to hang with friends and get your drink on; to all the new people we met, we love you.

Spectrum was our home away from home every Tuesday night for over 2.5 years. The new hole in our schedule will allow us to put in more work on some of our other projects. Verbnine will continue to make his visual artwork. DJ Flack has got a bunch of tracks ready to come out on vinyl for all those other DJs out there to play, and he’s always working on new material. DJ C will be pushing his Mashit label into over drive. The 3rd Mashit 12” record is about to come out, and 5 more are currently in the pipeline. The records are selling well worldwide, and he plans to begin touring in support of Mashit in the coming months. C and Flack will be working together on their DuoTone project, making new music, and perfecting their live performance, which they plan to take on the road as well.

We miss our Tuesday night home and friends a lot. Thank you again for all your support.


DJ C, DJ Flack, and Verbnine

For more information see the following websites:

Mashit: http://Mashit.com
DJ Flack: http://DJFlack.com
DuoTone: http://DuoToneSound.com


Click here to view a video montage from the May 6, 2003 Spectrum/Boston Cyberarts Festival collaboration, featuring performances by Soplerfo, Sun and Air, Hrvatski, and EOSS.
Click here to play with DJ Flack's interactive, hiphop, Flash animations.

Click here to listen to an mp3 of the EOSS (DJ C) tune "Wacko Macko is Backo."

Click here to listen to an mp3 of the DJ Flack tune "Honeymoon Breeze."

Spectrum was free every Tuesday
10pm to 1am at the Phoenix Landing
Central Square, Cambridge, MA
(617) 576-6260

genre blends, beat research, twisthop, burnin-breaks, dubtronic, abstract soundz, acid hophop, ragga-breaks, experimental electroinc dance music, wreckstep, fresh beets, electronic roots music, tweak-tunes, melodic rhythms, sound-scapes, found soundz, rhythmic melodies, diverse beats, eclectronic atmospheres, and more...

Some DJs and Musicians who graced the Phoenix Landing's sound system for Spectrum include:
Twiglight Circus Dub Sound System; Hrvatski; DJ /rupture; Soplerfo; Emotional Joystick; Brother Cleve; Destro; Curtis Chip; Criterion; Doily; Cozmopolis; DJ Ripley; Kid Kameleon; EOSS; Aaron Spectre;
Incite; Craig Kapilow; Benny Blanco; DuoTone; Mark Flynn; Yamin; Brynmore; Local Fields; Illux; Maloy; Duo; Mona; DJ Hand Corkscrew; Flux; Mike ESP; Shwilly B; X Rae; Mathius; Cephalopod; Jamie Rollins; Mis ter int ter rupt; Beatboxy; Chokdee; Monster Zero; Roman Stange; Pollen; Colorform; Nile; The Mad Switch; DJ Herbal Tea; Gtori; Vytear; Pace; DJ Sigma; Emo and Evaready; DJ Named Desire; Round I Sound; Andrew Warren; J Sonic; Molitoff Soundfall; DJ Icculus;

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